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Video Surveillance (CCTV)


IP Cameras

ADISYS team has always pacing with the newest trends in technology. The IP Cameras can be a product for an instance. Commonly recognised as the Internet Protocol Cameras, have been best choices for many customers. It has special significance where you can expect an access on an Internet directly and make the best decisions at your own conveniences. keeping eye on business related activities are unimaginably easier. Finest softwares helps in managing data more efficiently.

Features :

  • Available for both indoor as well as outdoor applications
  • Data transmission has been easier since you are considering to work at Internet medium.
  • High resolution can be expected making to clear business process study.
  • Compactly developed design.
  • Installation can be made without any mess and hence even not affecting office or home interiors.
  • Wide angle lens for covering most areas
  • Interestingly, it delivers finest images at any lighting conditions. Expect the clear image even at low-light conditions.
  • Finest sensor supporting
  • Both wired and wireless cameras are available

Video Management System

Our VMS platform is where the customers find the convenience of making timely decisions and best actions. Video Management Systems intelligently supports both IP Cameras and Analog Cameras. Multiple locations can be efficiently monitored. From one interface, many areas can be technically supervised. Enter/ Exit areas, product moved can be monitored clearly and also directions of the moving customers can be checked. Managing remotely leads to best course of action. Motion detection has been helpful, which can be furthered to video recording.

Software provided helps in quick glance of every area in one screen. Hence focused decision leads to prevention. Business persons can safeguard the products arranged for consumers. Communication can be made quickly with marketers at whatever floors. More cameras can be arranged at different levels of business hence effective decision can be taken at billing point. Several image analysis can be made hence resulting to better action. Product is available in different dimensions to suit perfectly for your requirement.

Advantages includes :

  • Multiple systems viewing
  • Flexible integration
  • Archive of video databases can be developed instantaneously
  • Lesser maintenance
  • Lesser cost
  • More reliable
  • Change the management process with better and brilliant technology