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Automobile Solutions


Your vehicle is your asset and requires as much security as your home or office. With our GPS, G-Sensor and HD Video Camera, your vehicle remains safe. The integrated security solutions help you process your claims faster and track your vehicle from remote locations.

The vehicle can be tracked while being driven as well as while it remains parked, along with notifications and monitoring from anywhere in the world. This helps reduce the risk of accidents since the drivers are being tracked along with reduced insurance costs due to solid evidence.

Our Automobile Services:

  • GPS Tracking: The GPS tracking helps you track the location of the vehicle. This ensures that the driver does not take longer routes unnecessarily and remains on the fastest and easiest route
  • G-Sensor: This technology helps you to track the speed of the vehicle, ensuring that the driver does not over-speed. Using the G-Sensor technology can keep the passengers of the vehicle safe
  • HD Video Surveillance: Video Surveillance helps you keep a track of the occupants of the vehicle along with the conditions outside the vehicle. With the help of the HD Video Recording, it becomes easier and more cost effective to process insurance claims, in case of an accident

Using the ADISYS Integrated Security Solutions for Automobiles, you can protect your cars, trucks, school buses, taxis from any untoward incident. For more details on the ADISYS Automobile Solutions, Contact Us