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Smart Security System For Banks and Financial Institution

Every Financial Institution requires advanced security solutions that helps them with Internal Risk Management. The need is for a system that identifies security threats and vulnerabilities to mitigate risks and ensure operational compliance. These security systems help your customer trust you with their hard-earned assets and investments.

ADISYS provides integrated security solutions to help any financial institution to comply with government regulations and follow the best industry practices. These advanced security solutions help your security personnel with immediate real-time intelligence that mitigates risks.

With the newly launched Surveillance as a Service, fraud investigations are better handled and all your recordings and data remain safe and accessible, anytime anywhere.

Our Services for Banking and Financial Institutions:

  • Video Surveillance for People and Asset Management: Our HD Video Surveillance gives you the ability to monitor your premises, right from your phone. This enables your security personnel to mitigate any risk immediately.
  • Identity Management for Authorized Areas: As a financial institution, it is essential that your authorized areas remain secure. To provide for additional security, our ‘Call + SMS’ alerts help you keep your premise as well as client’s assets safe and secure.


  • ATM or Cash Counter Video Surveillance: ATMs and Cash Counters are the places most vulnerable to security threats like breaking and entering and fraud. Real Time Video Surveillance, using our Surveillance as a Service helps you assuage the risk and take timely action.


  • Vehicle Surveillance with Video Tracking: Keep a tab on all cash delivery and secured vehicles, with an advance video tracking mechanism that tracks the route of the drivers along with monitoring the vehicle

Bank on us for all your security hardware and software needs. For more information on our solutions for the Banking and Financial Industry, Contact Us