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Rapid urbanization and the ever growing incidences of violence across the globe, call for security solutions for cities and towns alike. The challenges that come with the complex nexus of industrial growth, infrastructure development and increase in population need to be addressed to ensure the decrease of crime rate, road rage and accidents. A public surveillance system that helps the security personnel monitor the city would also help them mitigate any risk and reduce the time taken for emergency aid to reach the spot when required.

ADISYS offers integrated security solutions to safeguard the city through live monitoring, real-time updates and alerts along with analytics that could help prevent incidences in the future. The Safe Cities solutions extend to aid the reduction in crime and keep the citizens safe.

Our Safe Cities Solutions:

  • HD Video Surveillance: Video Surveillance at every street and traffic signal help the city officials monitor the city for crime and road rage or accidents in real time, thereby reducing the time taken for emergency services to reach the spot and provide aid to the victims. These cameras come with a built-in LED security light the enables monitoring in low-light conditions. The wireless data transmission helps alert the authorities about any miscreant and makes the citizens feel safe at all times

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