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With the ever-growing needs and challenges of the educational institutes, every educational institute requires a security solution that helps them monitor behavioral patterns and ensure the safety of the students and staff alike. The growing incidences of violence on School / College / University campuses across the globe are making it extremely necessary for every institute to secure their parameters and monitor the premises and classrooms.

ADISYS offers security solutions designed especially for educational institutions which are scalable and adaptable to the ever-changing security needs and challenges. Right from Video Surveillance in classrooms to access controls and smart classrooms, ADISYS offers all integrated security solutions under one roof.


Our Educational Institutes Offerings:


  • HD Video Surveillance: Live monitoring of the premises and classrooms in the educational institution ensures that any untoward incident including violence, discrimination or harassment is recorded as is. This not only deters miscreants from indulging in such activities, it also keeps the premises safe and secure
  • Perimeter Security: Securing the perimeter of the institution helps you monitor the entry and exit points, ensuring restricted entry
  • Access Control: Biometric or RFID-enabled access control ensures that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas, thereby securing your assets and data
  • Fire Safety Alarms: With smoke detectors and fire alarms, the institute is safeguarded from any incident involving fire. The alarm helps keep your premises safe and secure
  • Smart Classrooms: The advent of smart classrooms has ensured that no student misses any lecture. With the ADISYS Smart Classroom technology, one can record live lectures, upload them and stream them on their phone or laptops, anytime, anywhere. This enables students who have missed classes, to cover up on their portion and also helps other students revise their lectures

Ensure that your students and staff are secure and safe with the ADISYS security solutions designed especially for Educational Institutions. Contact Us for more information regarding Smart Classroom technology